• Programmatic advertising across all digital media

    ProTableau is a programmatic advertising and digital media buying specialist agency – an independent trading desk. We partner with Google Display & Video 360 and Amazon Advertising.

    ProTableau delivers efficient, targeted and optimized online advertising to drive results across all digital media and devices using a strategic, consultative approach while leveraging data and the leading buy-side technology.


Strategic. Programmatic.

Programmatic advertising services address the needs of consumer marketers, B2B marketers and advertising agencies.
Efficient, targeted and optimized digital media buying services across all platforms:

Tailor your display strategy with banner ads and rich media.


Optimize your reach with advertising on mobile.


Target and interact through video ads.


Attract and engage with social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Generate quality visitors with PPC and retargeting for Google Adwords.


Distribute quality sponsored content and thought leadership.


Why ProTableau?


Programmatic advertising and digital media buying is complex and difficult for generalists to execute. Our team combines 50+ years’ experience in media planning and buying, and digital marketing. We are experts in programmatic buying and real time bidding.


Strategy is a critical factor to plan and optimize campaigns for best return on investment. We take a consultative approach to activate your ad campaigns with your audience to drive key performance indicators.


Success in programmatic demands a commitment and passion to technology, data and analytics. We work diligently to apply data and technology to create greater value for clients.