• Online Advertising – Programmatic for Agencies


Let’s face it, all of your clients are buying online advertising; yet, many advertising and boutique marketing communications agencies don’t have trading desks or the expertise to plan and execute programmatic advertising campaigns.

We can seamlessly extend your team and service offerings and do the programmatic buying for you – increasing your profit margins!

The experienced team at ProTableau combines 50+ years’ experience in media planning and buying, and digital marketing. We have run 100’s of programmatic media campaigns across all formats – display, mobile, video, social, Amazon and digital radio – driving superior campaign results for clients.

And we’ve won multiple industry awards while doing what we are passionate about!

Strategic. Programmatic.

ProTableau is your independent trading desk and go-to partner to bring a strategic approach to your client’s online advertising and programmatic buying campaigns.

Experienced: Programmatic advertising and digital media buying is complex and difficult for generalists to execute. We are licensed with Google Display & Video 360 and Amazon DSP.

Strategic: Strategy is a critical factor to plan and optimize campaigns for best return on investment. We employ a consultative approach to activate your client’s ad campaigns with their target audience to drive superior results.

Smart: Success in programmatic demands a commitment and passion to technology, data and analytics. We work diligently to apply data and technology to create greater value for clients.