• Digital advertising for consumer marketers


Digital advertising is the fastest growing channel modern marketers are investing in to reach today’s connected consumer – mass marketing is so passé!

Consumers are spending more time online using multiple devices and engaging with digital media like video. Consumer brands need to reach their audience online at the right time and place.

Programmatic buying allows consumer marketers to do just that with cost efficiency, hyper targeting, and optimization for best campaign performance.

ProTableau is an independent trading desk for consumer advertisers and their agency partners.

When you work with ProTableau you have access to the best advertising platforms: we partner with Google Display & Video 360 and Amazon Advertising.

Digital advertising powered by data

Data is the fuel that powers programmatic buying and real-time bidding. Consumer marketers can integrate a wealth of data sources including first party (yours) and third party (modeled or registration-based) to only deliver ad impressions to your target audience without wasting their ad budgets on the wrong consumers! There is plenty you can do with data targeting:

  • Optimization: Instantly and continually optimize campaigns to buy more impressions from media placements that drive more engagement for your brand – and fewer that don’t.
  • Retargeting: Target consumers that have visited a specific product or piece of content on your web properties.
  • Contextual: Target consumers while they are looking at content related to your product.
  • Behavioural: Target consumers whose past online activity suggests they have an affinity for your brand or product.
  • Geotargeting: Target consumers in a physical location whether a postal/zip code or near a store.