It’s a facetious question – and the answer is nobody!!!

Digital advertising spend will be up 22.5% in the US automotive industry, 19.5% in financial services and 20.5% in travel from 2015. This according to eMarketer’s December update to its digital ad spending forecasts.

You can anticipate similar uplift among the largest digital advertising industry spenders like retail, telecom and consumer packaged goods.

The biggest traditional TV advertisers are the ones growing fastest in digital. Indeed, digital ad spend is forecast to exceed TV in 2016!

Digital Advertising Industry Trends

Consumer packaged goods brands were pioneers in using the TV medium since its inception for its mass market reach.

Now, digital advertising offers value both in targeting and interacting with consumers in a more meaningful, engaging way. eMarketer shares some insights on these industry trends:

  • CPG is trying to learn how to use social for commerce, while seeing the value in targeting in more meaningful ways via digital.
  • Automakers faced with a slowdown in sales are using digital to advertise sales incentives.
  • Financial services companies are cutting costs and improving efficiency, and using digital to educate consumers about new digital banking tools and apps.
  • Hotels are wanting to reclaim bookings from online travel agencies with stronger loyalty programs and updated hotel properties; and are using social media and digital to reach millennial travellers, among others.
  • Retailers are experimenting with social commerce to better target customers.

Social is Mobile!

eMarketer further uncovers overall spending growth in social media, mobile and digital video. In their latest Behind the Numbers podcast, analyst Patricia Orsini links social and mobile:

 “When we talk about social, we are talking about mobile!”

No doubt engaged social users mostly access their Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat apps from their smart phones.

At the same time, digital video is the fastest growing form of content, while also evolving to live streaming and 360 degree video offerings that attract attention and increase online engagement with consumers.