2016 marks the year and trend for advertisers to spend more online with digital media advertising than on TV advertising.

Programmatic advertising is enabling that trend with more volume and types of online advertising opportunities being made available at lower cost across channels and digital media. Digital media includes all forms of online advertising whether display ads, social media, video, radio (streaming and digital services), search engines, mobile Рand yes even TV!

Even TV is shifting to Internet delivery. Programmatic TV is evolving, as written in Google’s Evolution of TV series. While still in its infancy, programmatic technology will enable more and more digital TV delivery of advertising in the future.

Advertisers and agencies should consider the mix of digital media in their growing digital advertising spend that can drive the best ROI and reach the intended audience through data targeting. Programmatic allows just that. Keep tuned to learn more and reach out for a conversation about how your brand or agency can best position themselves to spend wisely.