The marketing programmatic landscape is complex, multi-faceted and a hard nut to crack for most marketers and agencies. Programmatic advertising and real-time buying technology is maturing with new formats, channels, algorithms and data targeting coming on stream. And new players and technologies are emerging as I write this post.

If you are not already buying online advertising programmatically, you should at least start to identify and work with a digital media buying partner or trading desk.

Large advertisers working with any of the big 5 global advertising conglomerates will have access to their in-house trading desks. For the rest of marketers and advertisers with smaller budgets ($100K+ per year), you will want to identify and work with a digital media planning and buying partner – a trading desk.

Same goes for boutique and smaller creative and PR and communications agencies who lack in-house know-how, skills and access to technology platforms. You too should identify and work with a trading desk partner who can plan and buy programmatically on behalf of your clients.

Rogers Media published an interactive flowchart of some of the pieces and players in the marketing programmatic landscape. More likely than not this raises more questions than answers – and we are here to help you debunk and take advantage of programmatic advertising and its benefits.

Programmatic buying is growing fast and is projected to be the source for all digital media buying within 5 years. All marketers and agencies need to prepare in advance by either hiring and equipping internal resources or partnering with a trading desk.

Why not give us a call or email us to schedule a time to talk? ProTableau can help you debunk programmatic and be your go-to trading desk.