• Programmatic buying and real time bidding

    Programmatic buying is the new paradigm of media buying and planning. It involves buying online advertising inventory using integrated data and technology-based ad platforms. ProTableau is an independent trading desk that can buy digital media on your behalf.

Programmatic Ecosystem

programmatic ecosystem

Real time bidding is a type of programmatic advertising that involves the rapid buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions that occur in the split second it takes to load a Web page.

The auctions employ algorithms that comb through automated ad exchanges to identify the best impressions for your audience to bid on – this digitization and real-time competition drive down the cost for advertisers.

Programmatic direct is another type of programmatic buying where targeted ads are placed across a more limited range of high-quality inventory, and where the seller is known and ad placements are guaranteed to meet minimum quality standards.

All forms of digital media and other media (TV, radio and out-of-home) are expected to be bought programmatically within the next 2 years.

Consumer (B2C) marketers and business-to-business (B2B) marketers can benefit from buying digital media programmatically.


Programmatic advertising benefits

  • Dramatic cost efficiency
  • Hyper target your audience
  • No wasted ad impressions
  • Serve ads across devices and multi-channels
  • Optimize campaigns instantly and continuously
  • Cap frequency of ads across devices and channels
  • Data analytics reporting

Net, programmatic advertising allows you to buy ad impressions at a fraction of the cost, only serve ads to your target audience, continuously optimize campaigns for better results, and gain insights into campaign performance with data analytics.

How Real Time Bidding Works

real time bidding